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How To Sell Your Home – Step by Step

Many homeowners wonder what it entails to sell a home. Often times, homeowners who have tried selling in the past, also wonder if they covered all the necessary steps to ensure their home’s fullest potential.

Here are the steps to follow when selling:


#1 – Seller Dashboard.

Log in to and view home selling and buying resources through your library. You will find useful tools and tips, including video tutorials and blogs to help in your preparation of successfully selling your home. Myrean will guide you through the entire process including managing your contingency deadlines, sending your reminders or notices and setting up your home’s closing. We have your back! Watch Welcome to Myrean for more details.

#2 - Home Preparation.

You should minimize furniture and de-personalize the home entirely, placing items in storage if necessary. This makes it possible for buyer’s to see the home’s potential, as if they were actually living there. The key when selling a home is to make sure the buyer can connect and feel emotion when walking through the doors. Plus useful, uncluttered space is a given for any home! Once the buyer starts imagining their own items in the home, you have them on the hook, and chances of an offer are higher! For example, if you have many photos of your family on numerous shelves sporadically placed throughout the home, when a buyer tries to create their own personal living space, as if they lived in the home, it will be harder when images of your family pop in to their head. As will it be when they are trying to mentally arrange their furniture in your space! Myrean’s How to Properly Stage Your Home, is found in your Seller Dashboard under Resources.

#3 – Take Amazing Photos!

Photos are key in attracting an abundance of buyers! We want to see vibrant, focused photos of all the highlights of your home! Thanks to Myrean, if there are certain features or areas of the home you are trying to sell that you overlook, our buyers will let you know! You will learn that some features are key selling features for certain buyers… and all buyers vary! With our ability to connect directly with buyers, we have you covered! Watch Myrean’s video, How to Take and Upload Amazing Photos, for more info!

#4 – Home Profile.

Complete all applicable information in your personalized Seller Profile once you log in to If you overlook anything don’t worry! We will help you! We help you manage everything, including your completion status. Once you have completed your home’s information, your photos are uploaded, and signs chosen, we move on to the next step!

#5 – Showing Management.

Thanks to Myrean’s system, we only send you qualified buyers! For the first time every, seller’s can feel safe when showing their home to a potential buyer. Our safety feature ensures the people whom show up to your home are not only actual interested and qualified buyers, but they are who they say they are! You will receive showing scheduling, alerts, and interest level with feedback with Myrean. Your buyers are followed up with automatically, saving you time!

#6 - Social Home Selling.

Myrean brings home sellers and buyers together, connecting them like never before! Instantly receive authentic buyer comments and feedback directly from buyers! This helps you learn what is necessary to sell your home, along with the buyer’s specific level of interest in purchasing your home! You no longer have to worry about the middle-man and the authenticity of the buyer or feedback! No more time wasted showing to unqualified or non-serious buyers! No more buyers getting away from lack of communication! Myrean automatically connects with each buyer for you in addition to connecting you directly to each buyer! Your chance of an offer greatly increases with us!

#7 - Managing the Home Sale.

Myrean protects the sale of your home by managing your transaction in the process. Additionally and at no charge to you, Myrean aids in managing the buyer’s transaction such as managing deadlines and setting up the mutual closing for both parties involved. You will receive a qualified offer directly from Myrean by each buyer. After reviewing and if accepted, you will then proceed towards closing on the sale of the home. The time of relying on realtors to coordinate effectively is in the past. Thanks Myrean!

#8 – Closing Time.

Myrean automatically sets you up with your local closing company when you accept a buyer’s offer. This is important because the sale of your home and especially the deed must be documented properly. Title insurance and transactional rcording comes in to play at this time. In some states a legal attorney may perform this on behalf of the seller. Myrean will provide a list of states this is applicable. To learn more about all the items a closing company performs on behalf of the seller and buyer, you may watch Myrean’s video What to Expect at Closing, found in your Seller Dashboard under Resources.

#9 – Buying a New Home Too?

For dual closings, meaning you also utilized Myrean to locate and Buy a new home, we have guided you through the process that Buyer’s go through too! This is exciting, because we not only assisted you in the sale of your initially property, but we also helped you find your new dream home by providing all the necessary guidance to do so! So at the closing table you sold your home, and now the closing company will allow you to sign for the purchase of your new home! All proceeds for the sale will be transferred accordingly towards your new home purchase!

#10 – Congratulations!

You have successfully sold your home and maybe even purchased a new dream home with Myrean! We helped guide you through the entire process, making the transactions easy and simple! Nice job Seller!

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