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How To Buy Your Home – Step by Step

Many homeowners wonder what it entails to sell a home. Often times, homeowners who have tried selling in the past, also wonder if they covered all the necessary steps to ensure their home’s fullest potential.

Are you considering purchasing a home for the first time, or perhaps a second home? One of the most important parts of a home sale is the management of contingencies and deadlines. These are a core component of any real estate transaction! Without proper management, the entire deal can fall apart and you could loses your dream home, or even loose money out of your pockets!

Now with Myrean’s easy to use, fully automated system, buying a home has never been easier! We let you know what to do every step of the way! If you do not already have a buyer agency agreement (agreement between the buyer and a realtor, typically offering 3% commission at closing to the buyer realtor), you can save thousands and allow Myrean to help you manage the core deadlines properly!

If you do have a realtor, don’t worry… you will still find using Myrean’s management system beneficial in your home purchase!

Here is how buying a home works with Myrean:

Login to and complete your profile. You will be asked a number of simple questions to help create your dream home profile. This is important because sellers who are not currently on the market may contact you because their home matches your profile!

Once your profile is complete, you will be taken to your profile dashboard. Here you can search through millions of home listings that are on the market. Plus, you will be able to communicate directly with sellers!

During your search process, Myrean will offer you an abundance of resources, such as lending or mortgage resources to help you obtain a pre-approval letter. This will ensure you are qualified and serious to all sellers.

Showings and Scheduling:

You will be able to schedule showings and tour open houses, Myrean reminding you of the time and location. Plus, you can comment on feedback for each property or ask questions directly from the seller!

Once you submit a bid online, you will have all contingencies and deadlines managed with Myrean! These are key!


Myrean will automatically contact the closing company in your location. This is very important for your home purchase. You can search additional resources such as insurance agents and contractors via Myrean’s resources also!

Buying a home has never been so easy!

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