Buying Resources

A Brief Overview of Buying with Myrean

Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Are you considering purchasing or selling a home with Myrean? Through out the home buying and selling process, you will run across a variety of terms that will be vital to understand. Don’t worry, Myrean has your back!

How To Buy Your Home – Step by Step

Are you considering purchasing a home for the first time, or perhaps a second home? One of the most important parts of a home sale is the management of contingencies and deadlines. These are a core component of any real estate transaction! Without proper management, the entire deal can fall apart and you could loses your dream home, or even loose money out of your pockets!

Home Buyer's Guide To Moneymaking Fix-Ups

Considering selling and want to make improvements? Here’s an informative guide to help you realize the most profit from your home! "Homes That Sell The Fastest, Also Sell For The Most Money."

Are You Ready to Buy

Are you considering purchasing a home? Perhaps you currently rent and have heard from friends and family you could save money each month and build personal equity if you actually owned a home. Owning a home as a first time homebuyer can be exciting, and you no longer have to listen to a landlord! Maybe you are looking for a larger home with more space, a large backyard, or deck for entertaining… maybe you simply outgrew the home you are living in now. From paint color to flowerbeds, it’s your choice in your own home!

Do You Need a Realtor?

The home buying or selling process has been made easier with Myrean’s streamlined online system. Not only does it allow you to manage your contingency deadlines and receive reminders, it also provides many of the essentials of the buying or selling process.

What is an appraisal, inspection and loan commitment?

An appraisal on a home is an unbiased estimated of the fair market value. An appraiser performs the appraisal and will use comparable home sales, location and condition of the home for an accurate value. When homebuyers take out a mortgage loan, a bank will order an appraisal to ensure accuracy of the fair market value of the home in comparison to the loan amount.

How to submit a perfect offer? Negotiations?

How to submit a perfect offer? Negotiations? (Written from the eyes of a home buyer!) You walk in a home… your dream home! Beautiful, gleaming wood floors, a remodeled kitchen, and a spacious, fenced in back yard. You don’t want to lose this one!